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Software Solutions

Many businesses can increase productivity by using a custom-built software solution. Such solutions often require custom database design, and one or more types of front-end applications that interface with the custom database.

Geek Tank has years of experience designing custom databases using a variety of database technologies that best suit the needs of each specific project. The front-end application can be web-based, and/or a more traditional Windows-based application. Our in-depth process will allow our software solution experts to pinpoint which technologies are best-suited for your specific needs.

Custom Database Design

Customised database solutions give your business a competitive advantage over other companies by allowing you to use IT and the internet in a more efficient and effective manner. Custom database applications that are developed to your exact specifications and requirements do not have to be cost prohibitive. By outsourcing database design to Geek Tank software becomes an efficient method for small to medium-sized businesses to reduce expenses while building and retaining a competitive advantage.

Custom Windows Based Applications

Geek Tank use development tools such as the Microsoft .NET Framework, C#, VB, SQL Server, Access, and others to develop your applications. Applications can be multi-tiered and rich- or thin-client-based, depending on your business needs. Our on-staff GUI-design expert ensures that applications are intuitive and require little or no user training.

Custom applications are very cost-effective because they lower the total cost of ownership: you don’t pay for extraneous features, expensive maintenance contracts of high development overhead… you only pay for what you need. Geek Tank offers complete application support: project management, application architecture, development, quality assurance and testing, deployment and training.

Custom Web Based Applications

Everyone knows the Internet is here to stay. But for many organisations, they’ve yet to harness the full power of the web as a business tool. Geek Tank can help. Whether it’s a complex marketing website or an integrated online application—like e-commerce, a knowledge base or an internal application—Geek Tank can help you deploy web-based technologies throughout your organisation in a custom but cost effective way.

We use ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio .NET, SQL Server and other tools to build and deploy Internet and extranet applications. And we help you make sure that the data captured is secure, reliable, and stored in an easily accessible manor.

Institution Of Analysts And Programmers

We are proud to be able to say that we are Associate Members of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers. The Institution of Analysts and Programmers is a UK professional body covering the areas of computer and business analysis and programming.amiap

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