IT Support

PC Management

Geek Tank provides a complete solution for supporting and managing the ongoing health of each computer in your company. Support includes making sure the computer is working properly and is secure all the way to supporting the end user. Computers are in your office to help you run more efficiently and ComputerCC ensures that this is possible around the clock.

Server Management

A server is the backbone of a company’s network and is critical to supporting the networks users, data, security and supporting a variety of applications. Geek Tank offers two complete plans that support a company’s servers via 24/7 remote monitoring combined with on-site support.

Network Management

As a small and medium business, you are more dependent than ever on the reliability, efficiency, and security of your network. Network downtime equates to loss of productivity and revenue. Geek Tank can help relieve your organization of the ongoing burden of trying to support your network. We ensure that your network is running optimally. This allows you to free up resources and focus on the mission critical aspects of your business.

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