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Stopping Internet threats getting in the way of your Internet experience: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5 protects you at the highest level while you work, social network away, or play online games. The 6th generation of ESET NOD32 Antivirus packs enhanced detection technology and security features straight out of ESET development labs for the protection you can rely on.

Location Tracking – Location tracking allows you to mark a device as mssing via your ESET Web Account and monitors the activity on your device. The software displays the position of the device on a map based on the Wi-Fi networks in range when it comes online. Not only this, but it also allows you to access all the information gathered via ESET Anti-Theft at

Laptop Activity Control – Laptop Activity Watch allows you to watch thieves via a built-in camera and collects snapshots of the missing laptop’s screen. Laptop activity watch saves all recent photos and snapshots to your account at

Intelligent Firewall – ESET Smart Security 6 helps you prevent unauthorised users from accessing your computer remotely and taking control of your data.

Parental Control – an advanced feature in ESET Smart Security 6 that allows blocking of offensive material.

Gamer Mode – streamlines protection during gaming sessions by automatically switching to silent mode to conserve system resources even further.

Anti-Phishing – Prevents fake websites maquerading as trustworthy ones from acquring your personal information.

Small System Footprint – Maintains high performance and extends the lifetime of your computer and saves internet bandwidth with extremely small update packages.


ESET NOD32 Antivirus

You simply cannot understate the importance of a good antivirus package. Without it if you connect your PC to the internet you will undoubtedly find your machine infected with something unpleasant within a matter of days. There are a number of excellent antivirus packages available today and even more that are wholly inadequate. It is important to realise that; just because you have heard of an antivirus package before, does not necessarily mean that it is a good antivirus package.

Many of the more well known antivirus packages are famous because they are free. Free does mean they are good. Free generally means you can’t justify charging some one for something that has no worth. We simply say the best antivirus packages are the ones you install and you forget about them. They don’t slow down your system, they quietly go about their business protecting you business. Through our research we have found that the antivirus package that accomplishes this best is ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

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